Surprising things you never knew about the ORGANIC industry – an interview with Reuven Flamer

If you think you really know about organic products and organic certification, prepare to have your mind blown. In this eye-opening interview, I sit down with Reuven Flamer of Natural Food Certifiers, an organic certifier, to discuss many surprising things you probably never knew about organics.

In this interview, we discuss topics like:

  • How organic certification is actually enforced (and what’s lacking in enforcement).
  • How the fake news media spreads false alarm over near-zero traces of pesticides in organic products.
  • The truth about the USDA totally ignoring heavy metals in organics.
  • Why non-GMO labeling has in some cases gone off the rails with things like “non-GMO water.” (Huh?)
  • Why consumers have very little knowledge about what GMOs really are.
  • Details about “gluten-free” certification vs. use of GMOs.
  • Why your mental state may be just as important as your food choice.

Watch the full video interview here, and be sure to bookmark, a free speech YouTube alternative launching this July, which will feature tens of thousands of videos on food, health, freedom and many other topics.



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